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Welcome my blog

thinking about artwork, painting, drawing, architecture, colour, patterns……

Debbie Ayles

Latest from the Blog

2022 marks 20 years…..

…since I graduated from Art School. Where has the time gone? I thought I’d make an effort (!) to mark this ‘anniversary’ with more entries in my blog. Here’s one of my earliest paintings from about 2000. Acrylic on canvas, about 35 x 25 cm. And a screen print recording an Art School trip toContinue reading “2022 marks 20 years…..”

Been a while….

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote anything. Don’t know where the time has gone. However I have been creative of sorts! Fresh from my Lockdown Social Media Course (an online freebe from @FutureLearn – thank you) I decided to put some of the info into practice. One of the things I did wasContinue reading “Been a while….”

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